Upcoming Events

“The Next Generation of Telehealth: From Reactionary to Visionary”

April 29 - May 1, 2024

Join the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center’s 2024 Conference in Seattle. This in-person only event will dive into the transformative journey of telehealth, from its reactive stage of the last three years, to unlocking its visionary potential. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the reshaping of telehealth. Stay tuned to our newsletters and website for more information and embark on a path from reacting to healthcare challenges to envisioning a brighter, healthier future.


Puerto Rico Telehealth Symposium & Working Group - In Person Event

Monday, January 17, 2024

This event will bring together telehealth champions from the public sector, government, public/private hospital systems, clinics, emergency responders, academia, and researchers to learn and share their efforts around telehealth and virtual care platforms across the island. In addition, we will begin to work collaboratively to formulate an action plan around telehealth expansion and outline our needs to sustain telehealth on the island of Puerto Rico in 2024. Breakfast and lunch will be included in this event.


11th Annual Telehealth Summit of South Carolina

Monday, Dec 4th - Wednesday, Dec 6th

Palmetto Care Connections is the host of the Annual Telehealth Summit of South Carolina. The Telehealth Summit brings together leaders and professionals interested in telehealth utilization to increase access to health care. Formed in 2010, Palmetto Care Connections is a non-profit organization that provides telehealth support services to health care providers in rural and underserved areas of South Carolina.


Southern Regional Disaster Response System

Thursday, Oct. 19, 2:00 - 3:00 pm ET

Are we ready? Southern Regional Disaster Response (SRDRS) physicians from Emory and Agusta University will highlight signature SRDRS programs, including tele-critical care, tele-EMS, tele-observations, and more, for increasing regional surge capacity following emergency events. 


Telehealth.HHS.gov National Conference

Tuesday, Sept. 12th, 9am - 4:30pm

Public and private sector leaders join to discuss telehealth best practices, including integrating telehealth into standard care, broadband connectivity to improve health, tele-behavioral health, supporting the healthcare workforce, policy to inform telehealth’s future, and more. 


Community Health IT (CommHIT)

Thursday, Sept. 28th, 9am - 4pm
Kennedy Space Center

CommHit welcomes leaders from all business sectors that are critical to a thriving and prosperous Florida. These sectors include space, aerospace, transportation, logistics, health, tech, education, manufacturing, construction, and government. The event will focus on how technologies, resources, and workforce development models are available now for businesses of all sizes to create a cost-efficient workplace with a thriving workforce.


Telehealth Policy Webinar Series

The Center for Connected Health Policy
Recorded Webinar On-Demand

The Center for Connected Health Policy’s (CCHP) Medicaid and State Policy popular webinar series is available. CCHP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to maximize telehealth’s ability to improve health outcomes, care delivery, and cost effectiveness. 



Federal Telehealth Regulations Post-PHE

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 - 1 pm EST
Recorded Webinar On-Demand

SETRC’s Lloyd Sirmons will host Mei Kwong from the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) to address new federal telehealth legislation, including waivers that have been extended through 2024, as well as waivers ending with the PHE. Don’t miss this highly informative session! 


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