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FREE Personalized Milestone Tracker App

Track your child’s milestones from age 2 months to 5 years with a free app from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 
  • Personalize for one or multiple children
  • Track milestones with checklists
  • Videos show milestones examples
  • Tips for helping your child’s growth
  • What-to-do if you suspect autism
  • Progress report sharing and email
CDC does not collect or share any personal information that can be used to identify you or your child.

Pathways to Tackling Autism

Parent Resources

Don’t wait – begin intervention with your child immediately!

Professional Training

Learn to identify and refer, to diagnosis and treat

Telehealth Connect

Autism services available via telehealth – wherever you are

Free Toddler Tracks Parent Resources for caregivers and families without access to autism services, teaching the basic skills of working with their child who is showing developmental delays, diagnosed with autism, or a related condition.

Toddler Tracks free Professional Training is for healthcare professionals, providing free continuing education on early presentation of ASD, differential diagnosis, care coordination, behavioral health integration, and telemedicine-based intervention.

Toddler Tracks Telehealth Connect supports telehealth to overcome the challenges of accessing autism diagnosis and treatment services experienced by many families.  Peer-reviewed research supports the efficacy of telehealth for autism treatment. 

Toddler Tracks Ambassador – join us!

Be a Toddler Tracks Ambassador in your community, directing families to resources and participating in education and brainstorming sessions! Contact us to learn more.

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